We are – Imperfect. Flawed. Quirky. Most definitely – Weird. We are Bold. Experimental. Awkward. We are forever Curious and addicted to Learning. Some might say we can be explosive, while others call us Passionate. Most importantly – we are REAL. Authenticity is our anthem. Our loyalty is to Self and Universal Truth.

We have been Disheartened. We have been Confused. We have been lured by Lies. We have acted out of Fear. We have been Abused. We have made Poor Choices. We have been Defensive. Hurt. Destroyed. But – we were Brave. We Fought. We Learned. We Let Go. We let go of everything we thought we knew. We gave up Control. We Submitted. We accepted Possibility as our guide. That moment was the Beginning. It was Magic. Beautiful. Sublime. Spiritual. We are Evolutionary. Transcendent. This is OUR Human Experience. Welcome.

We are on a journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. We do this by communing over our discoveries, stories, thoughts, values, beliefs, and philosophical pondering. As we share our thoughts, experiences, likes and dislikes we are able to transcend where we have been in our lives and advance our quality of life.

While we wholeheartedly embrace, accept, and support diversity, some will still find what we share shocking, socially taboo, culturally rebellious, contrary to acceptable norms, and flat out defiant. We are aware we won’t always resonate well with others. It is never our intention to be offensive however, we can’t please everyone and we won’t try. If one finds themselves offended, we only ask that you alternatively choose to find reading material that is more suitable to your lifestyle, values, and beliefs. Simply, respect our exploration as different than your own. Consider, with an open mind, it is the variety of the garden that gives it beauty; even the thistle holds charm and benefit.

While we may not be for everyone, out of respect for ourselves and our readers, Evolutionary Transcendence pledges this:

  • We will not meet our needs at our own expense or the expense of others
  • We will not allow our readers to meet their needs at our expense
  • We will think for ourselves and will not sentence others to our conclusions
  • We will stand up for and defend our values, beliefs and convictions
  • We accept that some of our values, beliefs, and convictions may change
  • We will remain open minded and flexible to concepts, cultures, societies, and discoveries while maintaining the balance of our integrity, morals, and ethics

That’s Empowered Thinking!!!
We are all in this Human Experience together. Let’s have some fun!

Join Evolutionary Transcendence as we travel together to explore, discover, learn, and grow. Be a part of the greatest adventure we will ever embark on, Life! Love, laughter, empowerment, and personal fulfillment is within all of us.

Live Your Life

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